Norwich Legal Walk – 15th May 2017

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On Monday 15th May the Gordon Dean Solicitors Team will be taking part in the Norwich Legal Walk to help raise money for The Eastern Legal Support Trust, who support local Free Legal Advice Centres.

The need for legal advice in our community is ever-growing and in the current financial climate the need for freely available legal advice is increasing every day.

Currently, the Free Legal Advice services in Norwich include:

  • Preventing families being made homeless
  • Preventing destitution
  • Helping older people gain the support to which they are entitled
  • Helping women and children who have been trafficked for domestic servitude or prostitution.

However, the funding for these crucial services is being cut and so they need our help to continue to provide the excellent level of service they currently do. To that end, we are coming together to walk 10km, which to a bunch of desk jockeys is a long way to walk especially after a long day at the office.

We hope you will consider sponsoring us to help raise money for this critical services.